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Of course, it’s you and many others!  Thank you for visiting the right place, with the right taste and at the right time! 

Hello!  I am LJ.  Like many of us, I love to cook and bake.  Additionally and while growing up, I was taught when you welcome someone into your home always offer them a form of refreshment.  As the baker in my family, most interested in serving family and friends, my passion became a tradition.

Here’s how CRackle was born.  It was the holiday season of 2013. My list of family and friends for whom I wanted to provide gifts was long… but my funds were very low.  Families do this all the time.  The perfect solution for me was to give everyone a homemade gift; something I had done many times before.  A homemade gift allowed me to express great love and even better…from my heart!  

Taking my candy recipe of over twenty-five years, made only during the holiday season, I decided CRackle would be a gift I could not only make, but share with everyone.  

Their response was amazing!  The strongest message to me was, “LJ, you need to sell and share this candy with everyone!”  The thought of selling CRackle gave me pause initially because I never thought of it as a business.  As I gave it more thought and assessed where I am at this point in my life, waking up every day and creating something you enjoy while serving others…was far too attractive to ignore.  

My incredible life’s journey has allowed me to produce a white chocolate toffee you cannot stop eating. CRackle has a crunchy texture, unique taste and a creamy white chocolate experience; all in one.  

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share and raise your expectations for white chocolate.  Thank you for visiting our site today.  Enjoy!

Your friend,


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